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Grow and thrive while building an audience that finds your brand irresistible.

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Image by Adeolu Eletu
Image by Adeolu Eletu

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“This course has helped me stay on course with growing my start up by keeping me on track to reach my goals. The weekly tasks help with consistent growth each week."

No Longer Clueless

"I learned what it takes to have a start up, how to interview customers, and the importance of embracing the experimentation that a start up really embodies."

A System That Works

“This helped us define the
go-to-market plan and

executed all necessary steps to bring the new campaign and promotion materials to market. The results were immediate with increased prospect engagement and 3x program pipeline


Be Irresistible

We've got your back! Let our experts and powerful system support you:

  • From interim CEO programs to key strategic outsourced support or

  • With a suite of Irresistible tools and courses so you can bravely forge ahead on your own


Either way, Irresistible is designed to be surprisingly affordable so you can keep preserve your cash flow, equity, and leadership for a successful launch.